Show Critiques by Judge Mr Michael Staley U.S.A.


Class Puppy

1 Bostonite Internet Dating

Puppy nice for age. Nice head, nice topline, fairly good mover, little difficult to examine, just needs more maturity.

Class Novice

3 Rossdhu Peeping Tom at Devine

Very nice head, very nice topline and rear, very nice moving puppy, good animation.

Class 5 Junior

4 Balgarvie Tokyo Artist

Fairly nice male, Nice head, very showy, good dark eye, lovely ears, nice spring of rib, sidewinding distracts from his movement, topline could be a tad better.

Class 8 NZ Bred

6 CH Just a Star of Truestone

Nice male, topline level, nice front, nicely marked, carries tail slightly high, earset could be a bit higher, movement is fairly good.

7 CH Rossdhu Goodthe badn’the fugly

Nice head, nice topline, could have a bit more neck, front is nice but a little heavy in shoulder, needs more animation.

Class 9 Stud Dog

8 CH Balgarvie Justa Playboy

Nice dog, fairly nice head, muzzle could be shorter, control could be better in the ring with more training, needs slight refinement.

9 CH Balgarvie Tokyo River

Very nice head, nice topline, nice front, a good moving dog.

Class 10 Veteran

10 CH Rossdhu The Butler Dun It at Devine

Nice head, nice dog stacked, very nice body, nice front, nice ear placement, nice topline, nice front, good rear angulation, nice spring of rib, needs more animation.

Class 11 Open Dog

11 NZ CH Loualli Trail Blazer [ imp Aust ]

Very nice head, good dark eyes, good earset, good body and topline, nice straight front, sound rear with good angulation, good movement.


Class 1a Baby Puppy

12 Heaven Sent Me To Truestone

Very pretty puppy, very nice head, good topline, front very nice, rear very nice, markings very good, very fine balance and expression.

Class 2a Minor Puppy

13 Rossdhu The Enchanted One with Devine [AI ]

Very nice puppy, nice head, good topline, good dark eye, very nice earset, very nice movement and good balance.

Class 3a Puppy

14 Devine Real Wyld Child for Rossdhu

Very nice brindle puppy with nice head, good eyes, good balance, nice topline, very nice markings, her movement could be better, she likes to sidewind, this can be trained out.

Class 4a Novice

15 Rossdhu Tropic of Capricorn with Devine

Nice novice bitch, nice head, expression would be better if she carries her ears erect, she has good rear angulation, her movement needs to improve, she likes to sidewind.

Class 5a Junior

16 CH Balgarvie Spot The Party

Very nice junior bitch, nice head, good eyes and expression, nice markings, good rear angulation, good balance.

Class 6a Intermediate

17 CH True Bliss at Truestone

Very nice bitch, nice head and eyes, nice earset, good rear, good balance, could be better in shoulder, needs to be trained to be examined on the table.

18 CH Balgarvie Copper Kettle

Very nice bitch, head good, muzzle could be more square, nice body but a little heavy in shoulder, nice movement.

19 CH Dentrese Looking Glass

Very nice bitch good head, good muzzle, good dark eyes, very nice earset, very nice topline with good front and rear, also very good movement.

Class 7a Limit

20 Devine N”Itz my Perogative [D]

Nice bitch that needs more training, topline needs improvement, needs to carry ears erect with more animation, the better they show themselves the better they look.

21 Rossdhu Fugly Betty with Devine

Nice bitch, head could be better, topline needs improvement, bitch needs more training, the better they show themselves the better they look.

Class 9a Brood Bitch

23 CH Imaboston Centrefold [ imp Aust ]

Very nice bitch, nice head, good eyes, good front and rear, topline has a slight dip in withers,body could be shorter, moves well.

24 CH Bonlouie Jorj Jet at Rossdhu [ Imp Aust ]

Nice bitch, she didn’t want to show, carried her ears down, her movement could be better, she could improve appearance and attitude with training

25 CH Balgarvie Rubys N Th Crown at Truestone

Very nice bitch, good head and eyes, good earset, nice topline, nice markings, very nice colour,

Moves very nice, good balance.

Class 10a Veteran Bitch

26 CH Devine Lead’n By Example

Very nice bitch, pretty head and eyes, nice earset, very nice topline, good front and rear, movement is very nice.

Class 11a Open Bitch

27 CH Rossdhu Listening at the Door at Devine

Very nice bitch, good head and eyes, great expression, very nice earset, good balance, very good topline, front and rear correct, very nice colour and markings, great movement, showed very well.

28 Bellissimo Bon Aimee

Nice bitch, nice head, needs to carry ears up, nice body, needs more training, this will improve overall appearance