2016 Boston Terrier Club Fun Day

The 20th Annual South Island Fun Day

For 2016 all Boston's were asked to bring a hat that would be judged. The hats that appeared were all masterpieces of creation though possibly the Boston's did not think so.

The theme to the day was expect the unexpected. So some of the annual day's games had a different end result. While 3 new games from Washing Wizards to Steady Spooners kept humans and Boston's on their toes.

One unexpected event was the earthquake which made every one pause and wait for the ground to stop rolling then for the nerves to steady.

As usual the day was enjoyed by everyone and there was even a Boston from New Plymouth who no doubt went back home telling his North Island friends what a day he had with all those mad South Island Boston's.

Fashun and Cash Peacock dressed for a day out.

Washing Wizards Game. Running to get find washing and get it onto line.

Members showing their thanks to our Day's sponsors Jimbo Pet Foods.

Concentration needed to keep the Jaffa on the Teaspoon.

Keep the Jaffa on its spoon and hope your Boston keeps walking nice and steady.

Washing on line and head for the finish... perhaps.

Hats ON with Bostons waiting for Judge to pass comment.

Eddie with his hat.

Bostons Jorja and Lexus looking embarrassed.

Top Boston Yoda (right) and Runner Up Boston Leon with their very happy owners and judge