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Minnie's moments, December 2011

posted 17 Dec 2011, 16:03 by Ben Lampard
Deslie’s says I am a tease, bit unfair in my opinion but her reasoning…. Well I suppose I do taunt, some may say I am cruel but it is ever so enjoyable, to me any way, and really I have only being doing it since Capri joined us and I discovered her love of food.

Food for me is, well you have to eat it to live but I am not one to rush to the meal plate like Capri and gulp tea down in maybe 5 seconds. I like to ponder, sniff and think about what is on my plate then maybe go away and come back half an hour later and reconsider the offering. Yes Deslie does have to rescue my plate several times from floor and from Capri before I do eat and Deslie does mutter.

But my teasing, well mostly it’s in the morning. For breakfast we get a little chicken mince and as usual Capri gulps and that’s it, but me Oh I am much more… shall we say, lady like.

Deslie taps my foot to let me know plate is there as remember I don’t see too good these days but I don’t need sight to know Capri is standing there an inch or two from plate ready for a gap in my concentration. I sniff the plate, mmm lovely chicken mince but decide I will just leave it for moment and so turn away waiting as I know what is coming. Across room comes a “Capri, don’t touch” from Deslie.

Ah good I’ve got her so I head back to plate another sniff another ponder, another look away and another “don’t touch”. But teasing is funny only for so long so I eat breakfast ensuring there is not even one crumb left to reward Capri’s patience. Oh yes I can be a tease I suppose.

Well folks the time has come for me to say a final cheerio and hang up my pen. I have been writing about my life for 9 years and have had so much fun doing it but I have to admit at nearly 13 years old and in need of a white stick to get around, my life style has become very quiet and I do miss much of what is happening around me.

[But on second thoughts never say a final goodbye is my philosophy as it is hard to stop a good reporter while the urge is still there.]

I have been giving Capri some lessons on what’s needed for the Chit Chat and she has shown interest in taking over the pen duties. So from 2012 Minnie’s Moments will have gone and ……………..[ new title is a secret ]  will start.

And I end this last Moment with some sadness as I have lost my hunting companion Graeme who finally lost the fight with his Cushings Disease and visited the vet for the last time. Oh there were tears in the house for a few days by everyone.
I send my final Christmas wishes and hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday season.

Good bye everyone
Minnie Blanch