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Minnie's Moments, April 2012

posted 10 Apr 2012, 02:08 by Ben Lampard
I wonder if I should be recording these tales having supposedly “retired from the pen” but what the heck and Capri said it was OK by her.

I don’t know whether to be angry, ashamed or embarrassed about my life over Christmas, bit of each I guess.

Incident 1. Deslie likes to pop over to the neighbours every now and again when we are at the cottage and when she departs she ensures, well in her mind, that Capri and myself are secure inside the cottage yard. Secure to the human mind maybe but to a Boston there is usually a gap in the defences somewhere and I know that gap and I am not telling of its location.

So off went Deslie and after a discreet wait, off I went looking for Deslie of which there was no sign, that was a worry as not seeing too good these days I am inclined to walk into things like wheelbarrows, brick walls and... I can’t mention my fate for the moment.

Suddenly in the air a human male voice called out “Deslie you had better rescue Minnie, Cookie has her bailed up”. Out of the house Deslie burst to view me in my ultimate shame and embarrassment, Cookie is a cat, and he had me with my back against the wall not daring to show my past prowess at how to deal with a stroppy cat, mainly as I could not see his exact position. Discretion does have its good and wise points.

Within in seconds Deslie was at my side and lifted me up and into the safety of her arms. Peace was restored and to Deslie’s credit not once did she mention my shame, she just commented on how wise I was to stand still in my time of danger.

Incident 2. This one has some embarrassment and some anger. Also at the cottage over Christmas we had Guideon a German Shepherd/Labrador staying with us. Guideon is a trainee Guide Dog and when on that duty is pretty good at what he does but when off duty he is a dog, a big dog.

Once again Deslie was over at neighbours and had slipped away without me realising so I was just having a wander and looking for possum smells and the like, remembering my days with Graeme and our hunting successes when in the air I could smell meat. Now I am what some may say a slow and dainty eater but I had to find where the meat smell was coming from just in case I felt like a nibble. In some ways I will regret this decision for ever.

As I rounded the corner of the cottage I walked straight into Guideon who was being a dog and enjoying a bone and in his opinion the bone was solely his and he was in no mind to let me even sniff his bone and he told me. The result was I found myself feeling a bit like Jonah being swallowed by the whale. When my freedom was granted I beat a hasty retreat inside to Deslie’s, well really our bedroom and that is where Deslie found me sitting very forlorn and a little shattered.

And my beauty had been destroyed for ever as I had a chunk out of my ear and my eyebrows had gone and my eyes were red and sore, later had to go to vet about these as they went all gooey.

But Deslie was so gentle as she picked me up tended to my wounds gave me a cuddle and popped me onto her armchair away from further dangers.

Some remark on meeting me now with my torn and tattered ear “My, Minnie you must have been a warrior in your day”. Deslie smiles and holds her silence and I in a way I am proud to be thought a warrior.

I say farewell again as I think this will be my last Moment… Bye

Minnie Blanch