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Minnie's Moments, January 2011

posted 18 Jan 2011, 20:53 by Ben Lampard
Well I do wonder about humans sometimes, there is something in them that goes completely haywire when an unusual incident arises. The thing I have in mind is something called snow.

At home in Alexandra we have had 1-2 experinces of the horrible white stuff but the latest episode was 20 hours of white falling while we were down south helping Deslie with her whitebaiting. And I can tell you she needed help this year as the bucket was continually empty. 

Now this snow stuff was right down to the sea as well around cottage, that is unusual but not enough for me to get excited but Deslie, well you would think she was 6 years old again as she wanted to go outside. That's her choice but did she consider the fact where she goes I go and so does Graeme. No she definitely did not consider us in her decision.

Well she did think of us for a while I suppose, as, when we got up there was no power so that meant no heaters for our comfort so fire was quickly re stoked and brought back to life and the camp cooker came out from a dark corner and water was quickly on the boil. But then the madness stepped in as Deslie emerged from bedroom with hat and coat on and headed for gumboots. 

Oh Oh that meant problems for us, Graeme and I looked on with suspicion, admitedly neither of us had been outside for morning ablutions and there was a little urgency here for us, but if we have to hold on we can and this day we were. Once Deslie was prepared, she grabbed her picture taking thing called, um, ah, a camera and out she went and sigh so did we, hopping from one bareish patch to another if we could, pausing for ablutions and we did not waste time here I can tell you.

Graeme disappeared to under the Macracapa trees in case a Possum was seeking shelter while I followed Deslie watching her slowly turning white while I kept thinking what stupidity. Got too much for me so I found a flax bush and snuggled under its shelter and left Deslie to her madness.

You have no idea the relief to hear the “come on you lot “ call as Deslie headed down hill back to cottage and its warmth. Oh what bliss to sit in front of the fire pondering over what strange beings humans can be.

Another day of this weather episode was funny little wet stones that fell from the sky called I'm told, hail and boy they hurt as we got caught a couple of times. But between these body blast sessions Graeme and I went out to check our boundaries and there was a puzzlement that needed checking. In this white world when no one had been outside for hours and hours what had made those foot prints that went up and down hill. Investigation was vital so in and out flax and hebes to hill top we went with no answer to the mystery so worked our way down the hill checking every bush till we reached more flax near cottage and suddenly there was a flash and blow it we were not prepared for the action, really all we saw was a blur so the rabbit escaped. Come to think of it neither of us have ever caught a rabbit and hearing Deslie laugh did not help us at our lack of success.

But you know what the worst thing about this weather was... we never got a walk for 8 days and Deslie always takes us for walkies so guess conditions must have been bad.

Minnie Blanch