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Minnie's Moments

posted 23 Mar 2010, 03:25 by Ben Lampard
I don't like to admit it but I think Deslie outsmarted me. Out walking recently and I could smell possum in the air. So the task was where to find it and the mere fact a tree was involved was a minor matter as trees were meant to be climbed perhaps normally not by a Boston but to me if possum is to be caught nothing stops my attack. Graeme is of a similar opinion so soon the two of us were searching for that possum. Took quite a few minutes and apart from Deslie telling us to come down the things filling the air were the battle sounds of 2 dogs and 1 possum. Plus a lot of fur.

Deslie soon decided the scene before her was not to her taste and walked away telling us to come.

Well Graeme gave up once death was confirmed but my problem was my, sorry our, conquest was just lying there and I had plans to maybe have a takeaway tea so grabbed the catch and headed after Deslie who was walking briskly away. On turning and seeing my plan she quickly told me to leave the booty behind and then proceeded to pull the body. Now a Boston with a possum meal on its mind can be just as determined as a human with a drop it plan. So while she pulled I clamped my jaws firmly and no progress was made, well not by Deslie.

And here is where I think she out thought me as after the tugging session she smiled and said "OK Minnie that's fine keep your catch" and on we walked. After 5 minutes I was getting somewhat puffed what from the battle and the fact I was not breathing properly with my mouth being full so I relaxed my grip on the possum to take a good breath. At that point Deslie pounced and grabbed the possum and to my horror threw it far away into the long grass saying "got you Minnie". 

Talking about hunting had another chase awhile back. Away on my own in orchard when I spied something never seen before but that does not stop a true hunter giving chase so chase I did. Was some what taken back at the squawks and squeals but the chase was quick as after a couple of hops the pursuit suddenly stopped when the "thing" took off into the air.

Turning to watch it disappear I saw Deslie watching me from near by hill with the usual frown of disapproval.

Seems the object of my pursuit was what is called a pheasant and to be honest I was happy to loose this battle as it was ever so pretty.

I don’t even want to talk about Fun Day

Bye now