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Minnie's Moments, August 2011

I am in a state of shock I really don't know if I can write about my recent experience but will try hard as it is.

I have just spent 2 weeks sleeping in a plastic barrel in a glass house. Oh dear let me pause for a moment to calm my nerves. Yes, I can hear you say 'Rubbish, Deslie would not do that to you'. Believe me she did and the only thing that got me get through the experience was that Graeme had to suffer as well.

Did she worry about me while she went gallivanting overseas? To be honest I think she did but the end result was still life in a barrel. Deslie when asking her brother Evan to look after us assumed that our life style would continue at Evans place but that was not to be. Oh yes Evan likes dogs but to a slightly different level than Deslie and his house is not adapted to ensure we get the best of everything. No good cat flap access, beds for resting on are definitely not an option as were sofas.

Deslie leaving us was done with some skill and we were fooled. We all went to Queenstown airport with Evan driving, no suspicions here. Stop at airport, Deslie leapt out grabbed her bag slammed door gave a wave and disappeared. Odd we thought even odder when Evan drove on back to his home and quality of life disappeared, well to us.

Oh we were safe, as fences had been put up, holes blocked, we were secure or so Evan thought. Now I have poor eyesight these days but I found a gap in the defences and used it when I felt a need and even now that escape route is known only by me. I may need it again, oh dear don’t even mention "again", but I did enjoy the surprise on Evan’s face when he looked down and found me sitting beside him outside the prison.

Graeme took the approach of, if "tied" to Evans ankle where he went Graeme would go and that is basically what happened. I on other hand decided as I had been deserted I would keep myself to myself and spend most of my time following sun patches around the prison and if feeling really bad would go into the barrel.

Now about this barrel and glasshouse life. I don’t like to admit it but really it wasn’t too bad. Deslie had gone to a lot of bother with it when she realised that Evan was serious about getting a barrel and then placing it in the glasshouse. The barrel was lifted off the ground with tarps and blocks to keep the cold at bay, a 2 inch thick foam rubber pad was put into barrel then a duvet. Over barrel went about 6 blankets plus a blanket door. Dog beds were placed around glasshouse as alternate resting areas.

The first 2-3 nights Graeme spent much time working on an escape tunnel from glasshouse which had Evan filling in the tunnel each morning. Graeme gave up this plan and decided his next approach was to lie at front of barrel and be awake each morning when the glass house door was opened so he could rush out. But this plan really came to nothing so by end of the 2 weeks he was usually still asleep when door was opened. I chose rear of barrel where I could ignore the world.

Oh we were invited into the house at night to enjoy the fire but leaving this comfort was hard.

Yes Deslie came home and rushed to the glasshouse but I was not going to rush out from that barrel on her call to say great you are home. No, I took my time and let her suffer for a few minutes.


Minnie Blanch