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Minnie’s Moments, March 2011

posted 25 Mar 2011, 22:04 by Ben Lampard
Boy oh boy did we impress.

Spent a few days by the beach before heading for Fun Day and Deslie was fairly busy sawing up wood for winter. Fairly boring in my opinion so none of us 4 footed ones bothered to get out of car much of time. This wood was on the property of friends of Deslie who really are not dog people and were of the strong opinion that dogs that did not earn their keep were useless and their thoughts were we were well in that category. That was till the other day…

Graeme got a bit bored so decided to go out and see how Deslie was getting on and to check out the territory which was mostly some small pine trees. I snoozed on in the car, that was till I heard the bark and that bark was action. Well as soon as I hit the dirt the magic smell was about and it meant battle.

Didn’t take us too long to find the ..have you guessed..  possum, and that possum was obviously caught by surprise for as Graeme and I hit the tree the possum hit the ground.
The noise and progress of the battle is not pleasant and we did notice Deslie disappear with disgust on her face. The property owner turned up a little while later as we suspect he did not believe Deslie’s story of our skill and determination. On Deslie’s return the comment to her with some surprise in the male voice was “vicious little devils aren’t they. I did not believe they could beat a possum without being torn to bits.” 

Deslie just smiled.

The lady of the house was over the moon at our success as to her it meant her carrots were safe from being eaten.

But Deslie does have a mean streak in her as once the possum death was confirmed and she had pulled all the fur from around our faces she put the body on a rubbish drum just 3 inches out of my reach. I tried and tried for half an hour or more to get that body but with no success and had to admit that I was not going to be able to have possum snacks ..sigh.

But hey I think Deslie’s friends are going to look at us in a different light from now on.  

Fun day is not an issue for me these days as Deslie has at last considered my feelings before hers and has retired me from all the indignities I have endured over the years. Now I am allowed to wander the grounds and supervise, something I can do quite well and when duty is done I can curl up and snooze in a quiet corner.

Age does have its advantages.

Bye Now
Minnie Blanch