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Minnie’s Moments

posted 26 Sep 2010, 00:31 by Ben Lampard
I am embarrassed to report this but I have been in disgrace, actually Graeme was in same situation. And all because a stupid cat jumped down from a tree in front of us.  What did you expect us to do smile and walk away.

We are hunters of 4 footed tree dwellers and when this object with a big tail landed in front of us our first thoughts were, fantastic, a possum.  Now if that furry bundle had stood its ground and given us time to see it was not a possum all may [well a weak may] have been O.K. But that cat ran.

Deslie at time was nearby sorting firewood so was at first unaware of the situation arising till 1 cat and 2 dogs flew past, the cat in a panic and we dogs with our blood up. So within seconds a human was added to the pursuit, a very noisy human but alas her screams and abuse fell on deaf ears as the chase was getting exciting, well for 2 of us anyway.

Cat made a couple of efforts to get to safety but we were too close and a quick tail grab soon put a stop to tree climbing and the result here was a fairly hectic battle going on under the trees when Deslie arrived. She literally fell through the fence landing on hands and knees and made a grab for the cat who really was coming of second best even though I have to admit I found the slashing claws not much fun and was beginning to feel some pain but pain does not stop a battle.

I sometimes wonder at Deslie as grabbing a terrified cat which I knew had big claws could be said a brave thing to do but many would say a totally stupid action but grab it she did. Sadly the cat did not realise that the grabbing was in fact safety and even I winced as I saw those very sharp teeth sink into Deslie’s thumb but did she drop or abuse that cat, not she, in fact she abused Graeme and myself but even with the cat in her arms in semi safety she was still on her knees and that meant there were tails and ears able to be captured so the battle continued though no where near as fruitful as a few seconds earlier.

I suppose from Deslie’s point of view she was happy when her brother arrived on the scene having heard the racket and was able to take the cat to higher safety in his arms while giving Graeme and myself a couple of clouts.

At this point we had to accept the cat was out of our battle zone which was now a some what bloodied area with Deslie’s thumb a bright red and having covered we 3 combatants in red.

I suppose I have to admit that later that night I was not a very happy Boston as the cat had been quite successful with a more than a couple of blows and I was very sore and in some pain though I noticed little sympathy being offered.

Later heard the cat limped for a week and Deslie’e thumb nail had a funny black mark in it which stayed there for weeks so maybe she came off the worst .

I don’t even want to mention what it is like to have ring worm and to think it was given to me by a cat [not same cat] so maybe I was being punished in some way. Not sure I should think too deeply about that.

Bye everyone
Minnie Blanch