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Minnie’s Moments

posted 25 Nov 2009, 22:52 by Ben Lampard
Just in from a bit of rabbit hunting which for some reason made Deslie a little frustrated at my actions. The small matter of deafness …total on my part. How was I to know the rabbit had done a back track and was miles away. I was of opinion it was under the shed among all the irrigation pipes. So I was busy checking every pipe inside and out.

Oh yes I could hear Deslie calling and her voice tone changing leaving me with thought it was probably safer to stay under shed but eventually my search brought me out of the shed protection and I was grabbed and put under an arm.

What really got on my goat was goodie goodie Graeme had come out from shed on about second call and was standing by Deslie with a smug look on his face telling me he came when called.
But that goodie goodie attitude is all a farce. Take the other day, we were in Christchurch and as a treat [Deslie is great for treats for us] a huge bag of very expensive liver bits was purchased for we 3 dogs but Deslie knowing Graeme and his love of food tucked that bag of liver at rear of car under considerable quantities of luggage.

Safe she thought, ….  stupid woman.

Away she went to spend more money on us and a little on herself. Returning to car she spotted on the dog bed several small pieces of liver bits. This caused a look of disbelief to cross her face and an immediate search for the hidden liver package. Of course the few liver crumbs on the bed was all she found.
Boy did she give Graeme an earful as only he was guilty.

But worse was to come. Small dog stomachs and large bags of liver do not go together and we were all to suffer over next 48 hours as Graeme squirted from both ends often with gusto. It was not nice, not nice at all.

Need I mention the reason for Christchurch was the Fun Day. Well the Fun Day is fun except for that blasted Fancy Dress event. This years cruelty on Deslie’s part was to make me a Hula Dancer. Can you imagine a Boston in a Grass skirt and Lei’s with Hawaiian music playing to get the sway right, well that was me. I still shudder at the memory.

That’s all for now folks
Minnie Blanch