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Capri's Capers November 2013

posted 20 May 2014, 02:24 by Unknown user

November has been a month of socialising.... I am good at that past time. First stint was saying hello to Hazel who arrived in a very nice camper bus. Looked very comfortable looking out at the world from the large bed in the rear of bus. Hazel belongs to Sue and Graeme Cuthill from Timaru who had been to a concert in Cromwell. Can’t say Hazel was a great socialiser when she came down to see where we slept.

Next visitor was Chester, now here I had to be impressed, as Chester is my son, though to be honest he did not seem that interested in our connection. Chester came in a very impressive camper van, boy was it posh. A carriage very suitable for my son in my opinion.

Chester was accompanied by Glenys and John from New Plymouth.  As they were looking for a night camp spot they went out to our orchard which was great as that night 3 Boston’s walked the fruit trees though we were careful with the route as Chester is not yet a full country dog as he thinks sheep are good to play with. He will learn. Has discovered though that rabbits are pretty interesting [definitely my son] even if he is not sure what they are.

A few ruffled feathers while out on another walk recently. Oh Deslie can get into such a huff. Had gone to Cromwell, something about a book sale. So we waited till Deslie arrived back with a heavy looking bag. But then it was our turn. Followed a track along river, a new track for us so plenty to explore. But return journey was the most interesting as we came across those waddly things I wrote about in a previous tale... Ducks.

Now I have to tell here that Deslie was most emphatic in her instructions that these ducks were not there for our fun. Well, to be honest nothing like ducks interests Jorja so guess the instructions were really for my attention. But I know when a Boston must be wise and listen.

But I did go and see the territory they had been in, which was out of Deslie’s view and Oh the happiness, the contentment, the ground was covered in lovely smelly and funny coloured blobs. And those blobs needed a close investigation... science needs back and head research.

No harm in that surely.

Eventually catch up with Deslie and Jorja and that is where the huff started. The look of total disgust on Deslie’s face  was one to behold but the cries of anguish were perhaps a bit over the top as Deslie discovered why I had a definite green tinge to my appearance.

Now when a human goes to a book sale they do not normally put in car at journey start a bucket of water and sponge cloths and that was Deslie’s problem.

While I was trying to tell her I’m ok  I don’t mind the smell, Deslie was frantically searching car for cleaning materials locating in end some human travel wipes and they to my horror became the quite unnecessary clean up cloths. The boot was soon full of now stinky green travel wipes and I now smelled of clean travel wipes and that seemed more acceptable for some reason.

With calm restored we returned to Alexandra.

I must say we have had the strangest winter not once did I need a woollie coat  so no complaints here.

Well another year has raced by!

Capri Blanch