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Capri's Capers April 2014

posted 20 May 2014, 02:25 by Unknown user

Hey! Did you know humans can go a funny white colour? They can, as Deslie did a while back. And all because of Jorja.

We were out on one of our orchard walks and Jorja and I were doing a bit of exploring near the water race. Yes, we were right on edge of race by a pipe culvert and in long grass but we knew what we were doing and Deslie had looked back to check we were ok as she continued strolling ahead. 5 mins later the funny white look appeared as by then I was beside Deslie but not Jorja and nor did Jorja appear on calling which was a bit unusual as Jorja always turns up though usually in her own time but that night no Jorja.

Deslie started searching and when I saw where she was heading I guessed why the change of colour as after more calls Deslie was on hands and knees peering into culvert which was full and swift. Then she was peering in other end of culvert, then along race studying water. Back to culvert again but I guess at that point she decided well certainly hoped Jorja  had for some reason done something she had never done before, gone back to the house by herself. Guess we all had fingers and toes crossed with this thought.

Colour returned to the pale face as Jorja was spotted sitting by the car quite unconcerned at the anguish she had caused.

Some say I have an obsession others say fanatical I say I am normal. And why has this classification become important too so many.... I have discovered hares and rabbits. Well to be honest they both look the same to me as usually I am in the behind position but I sometimes get closer but not equal to..yet. I am getting pretty good at making them run and that is ever so exciting and there is nothing wrong with my nose to track them down. Take the other night in plantation on our evening walk. Deslie called but I could smell a smell so ignored call... several times... obviously to Deslie’s annoyance but I was too busy stalking my prey then suddenly 6 feet in front of me out leapt my quarry, his nerve had failed and the chase began. Deslie stayed remarkably silent at this point, probably knew I was too busy to obey. Oh what a chase, I developed springs in my legs as grass was long and only way to watch my prey was bounce along yes it probably looked funny but I made progress. Alas the rabbit was more cunning he went straight and flat and so was quick too quick for me and after 5 minutes I gave up and returned to Deslie happy yet disappointed.

I will never understand humans with their reasoning at what is good fun for a Boston. Take the recent Fun Day, we were all lined up when it came to me I am past this contest, I could see no point in having my undercarriage and other parts looked at by a total stranger. I had things to do, proper serious things... fences to patrol and drives to guard so I took action, gave my head a twist and left Carol holding a lead and collar but no dog and I departed. Oh I was grabbed as I race to the end of line but Deslie could see I had no intention in being a participant so I was marched to our car and there joined Minnie to slumber in peace with my dignity intact.

You know that song “I’ve been everywhere” well I have. Can’t say I was totally happy exploring the West Coast for 3 weeks but I did it for Deslie. But for me HOME is the best place. I don’t like strange houses and places well not at first but once my courage has returned and I have sussed out all is OK and I know Deslie is near by I am as brave as any Boston should be. And I did explore beaches and bush tracks and did have fun.


Capri Blanch