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Capri’s Capers

posted 11 Aug 2013, 13:11 by Ben Lampard   [ updated 11 Aug 2013, 13:11 ]
I am unsure about some human actions, take over past 3-4 months. About 7.30 one evening after a hot day Deslie announced that magic word “Walkies”. Well needless to say Jorja and I were off  like rockets to car. Minnie arrived tucked under Deslie’s arm and we were away to plantation.

But on getting to main road there were objects all over road and people all in blue standing by objects so it was stop and then this man lent down and pushed the little box thing at Deslie and asked her to speak into it. She must have pleased the man as all smiles and away we went for a walk. But coming back half hour later blow me down it was stop again this time a different man at window with little box and once again smiles and we headed home really none the wiser well we did hear Deslie mutter something about drink driving testing.

Then just a few days ago this time heading toward Clyde, came around a corner and there were those little pointy things on road again and these men as before heading for car. This time Deslie was asked to count and once again smiles. But as the man started to leave he looked in back of car and with some surprise in his voice said “You have Boston Terriers on your back seat” and with Deslie reply “well done, you will get a badge for recognition” had the man leave laughing. These road stoppages and what goes on and what is said is most odd.  

Sleeping is bone of contention. I used to sleep up by Deslie , Oh yes I admit I took that position from Minnie but Jorja took it from me. This created a problem for me, where was I going to sleep on the bed as I really don’t like in the bed…well not all the time. Then luck, well sort of.. Deslie threw her dressing gown onto bed one night, Oh it was so warm and cosy and I soon had myself totally wrapped in it’s warmth, I had found my new sleeping quarters I hoped.

But by morning I was in trouble and all Deslie did was laugh, well for a while. During the night I had found a very cosy piece of the dressing gown and was soon snuggled in but how was I to know it was the sleeve and the going in was easy but coming out was a different story!!, the sleeve had me like a vice. Oh I could see safety ahead but much as I tried only my nose got thru’ to daylight which created more problems as all my wriggles did, was tighten the noose. Eventually Deslie did come to my aid and peel me out of the sleeve but to my horror 2 nights later I was back in same situation. Guess I will learn one day.

But the really nice thing, the dressing gown is now mine (I think) as Deslie has left it on bed and uses something else for herself.

Recently some men came and took away a sofa we never used. Well Jorja and I did get up on it once in a while. No sofa meant only 2 chairs, in a normal house probably not a problem but our house has 3 dogs 1 human so 2 chairs was definitely not enough we knew that and soon Deslie knew it as she seemed to get the computer chair many nights. Ever mindful of all our comforts it was away to shops and eventually come home with a nice new chair. So 3 chairs could seem still not enough but no, Jorja is a knee sitter so 3 chairs and one nearly always available knee is OK. And if the knee is for some reason not available we do have 4 dog beds to choose from but really they are last choice rest areas.

Capri Blanch