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Capri's Capers April 2014

posted 20 May 2014, 02:25 by Unknown user

Hey! Did you know humans can go a funny white colour? They can, as Deslie did a while back. And all because of Jorja.

We were out on one of our orchard walks and Jorja and I were doing a bit of exploring near the water race. Yes, we were right on edge of race by a pipe culvert and in long grass but we knew what we were doing and Deslie had looked back to check we were ok as she continued strolling ahead. 5 mins later the funny white look appeared as by then I was beside Deslie but not Jorja and nor did Jorja appear on calling which was a bit unusual as Jorja always turns up though usually in her own time but that night no Jorja.

Deslie started searching and when I saw where she was heading I guessed why the change of colour as after more calls Deslie was on hands and knees peering into culvert which was full and swift. Then she was peering in other end of culvert, then along race studying water. Back to culvert again but I guess at that point she decided well certainly hoped Jorja  had for some reason done something she had never done before, gone back to the house by herself. Guess we all had fingers and toes crossed with this thought.

Colour returned to the pale face as Jorja was spotted sitting by the car quite unconcerned at the anguish she had caused.

Some say I have an obsession others say fanatical I say I am normal. And why has this classification become important too so many.... I have discovered hares and rabbits. Well to be honest they both look the same to me as usually I am in the behind position but I sometimes get closer but not equal to..yet. I am getting pretty good at making them run and that is ever so exciting and there is nothing wrong with my nose to track them down. Take the other night in plantation on our evening walk. Deslie called but I could smell a smell so ignored call... several times... obviously to Deslie’s annoyance but I was too busy stalking my prey then suddenly 6 feet in front of me out leapt my quarry, his nerve had failed and the chase began. Deslie stayed remarkably silent at this point, probably knew I was too busy to obey. Oh what a chase, I developed springs in my legs as grass was long and only way to watch my prey was bounce along yes it probably looked funny but I made progress. Alas the rabbit was more cunning he went straight and flat and so was quick too quick for me and after 5 minutes I gave up and returned to Deslie happy yet disappointed.

I will never understand humans with their reasoning at what is good fun for a Boston. Take the recent Fun Day, we were all lined up when it came to me I am past this contest, I could see no point in having my undercarriage and other parts looked at by a total stranger. I had things to do, proper serious things... fences to patrol and drives to guard so I took action, gave my head a twist and left Carol holding a lead and collar but no dog and I departed. Oh I was grabbed as I race to the end of line but Deslie could see I had no intention in being a participant so I was marched to our car and there joined Minnie to slumber in peace with my dignity intact.

You know that song “I’ve been everywhere” well I have. Can’t say I was totally happy exploring the West Coast for 3 weeks but I did it for Deslie. But for me HOME is the best place. I don’t like strange houses and places well not at first but once my courage has returned and I have sussed out all is OK and I know Deslie is near by I am as brave as any Boston should be. And I did explore beaches and bush tracks and did have fun.


Capri Blanch

Capri's Capers November 2013

posted 20 May 2014, 02:24 by Unknown user

November has been a month of socialising.... I am good at that past time. First stint was saying hello to Hazel who arrived in a very nice camper bus. Looked very comfortable looking out at the world from the large bed in the rear of bus. Hazel belongs to Sue and Graeme Cuthill from Timaru who had been to a concert in Cromwell. Can’t say Hazel was a great socialiser when she came down to see where we slept.

Next visitor was Chester, now here I had to be impressed, as Chester is my son, though to be honest he did not seem that interested in our connection. Chester came in a very impressive camper van, boy was it posh. A carriage very suitable for my son in my opinion.

Chester was accompanied by Glenys and John from New Plymouth.  As they were looking for a night camp spot they went out to our orchard which was great as that night 3 Boston’s walked the fruit trees though we were careful with the route as Chester is not yet a full country dog as he thinks sheep are good to play with. He will learn. Has discovered though that rabbits are pretty interesting [definitely my son] even if he is not sure what they are.

A few ruffled feathers while out on another walk recently. Oh Deslie can get into such a huff. Had gone to Cromwell, something about a book sale. So we waited till Deslie arrived back with a heavy looking bag. But then it was our turn. Followed a track along river, a new track for us so plenty to explore. But return journey was the most interesting as we came across those waddly things I wrote about in a previous tale... Ducks.

Now I have to tell here that Deslie was most emphatic in her instructions that these ducks were not there for our fun. Well, to be honest nothing like ducks interests Jorja so guess the instructions were really for my attention. But I know when a Boston must be wise and listen.

But I did go and see the territory they had been in, which was out of Deslie’s view and Oh the happiness, the contentment, the ground was covered in lovely smelly and funny coloured blobs. And those blobs needed a close investigation... science needs back and head research.

No harm in that surely.

Eventually catch up with Deslie and Jorja and that is where the huff started. The look of total disgust on Deslie’s face  was one to behold but the cries of anguish were perhaps a bit over the top as Deslie discovered why I had a definite green tinge to my appearance.

Now when a human goes to a book sale they do not normally put in car at journey start a bucket of water and sponge cloths and that was Deslie’s problem.

While I was trying to tell her I’m ok  I don’t mind the smell, Deslie was frantically searching car for cleaning materials locating in end some human travel wipes and they to my horror became the quite unnecessary clean up cloths. The boot was soon full of now stinky green travel wipes and I now smelled of clean travel wipes and that seemed more acceptable for some reason.

With calm restored we returned to Alexandra.

I must say we have had the strangest winter not once did I need a woollie coat  so no complaints here.

Well another year has raced by!

Capri Blanch

Capri’s Capers

posted 11 Aug 2013, 13:11 by Ben Lampard   [ updated 11 Aug 2013, 13:11 ]

I am unsure about some human actions, take over past 3-4 months. About 7.30 one evening after a hot day Deslie announced that magic word “Walkies”. Well needless to say Jorja and I were off  like rockets to car. Minnie arrived tucked under Deslie’s arm and we were away to plantation.

But on getting to main road there were objects all over road and people all in blue standing by objects so it was stop and then this man lent down and pushed the little box thing at Deslie and asked her to speak into it. She must have pleased the man as all smiles and away we went for a walk. But coming back half hour later blow me down it was stop again this time a different man at window with little box and once again smiles and we headed home really none the wiser well we did hear Deslie mutter something about drink driving testing.

Then just a few days ago this time heading toward Clyde, came around a corner and there were those little pointy things on road again and these men as before heading for car. This time Deslie was asked to count and once again smiles. But as the man started to leave he looked in back of car and with some surprise in his voice said “You have Boston Terriers on your back seat” and with Deslie reply “well done, you will get a badge for recognition” had the man leave laughing. These road stoppages and what goes on and what is said is most odd.  

Sleeping is bone of contention. I used to sleep up by Deslie , Oh yes I admit I took that position from Minnie but Jorja took it from me. This created a problem for me, where was I going to sleep on the bed as I really don’t like in the bed…well not all the time. Then luck, well sort of.. Deslie threw her dressing gown onto bed one night, Oh it was so warm and cosy and I soon had myself totally wrapped in it’s warmth, I had found my new sleeping quarters I hoped.

But by morning I was in trouble and all Deslie did was laugh, well for a while. During the night I had found a very cosy piece of the dressing gown and was soon snuggled in but how was I to know it was the sleeve and the going in was easy but coming out was a different story!!, the sleeve had me like a vice. Oh I could see safety ahead but much as I tried only my nose got thru’ to daylight which created more problems as all my wriggles did, was tighten the noose. Eventually Deslie did come to my aid and peel me out of the sleeve but to my horror 2 nights later I was back in same situation. Guess I will learn one day.

But the really nice thing, the dressing gown is now mine (I think) as Deslie has left it on bed and uses something else for herself.

Recently some men came and took away a sofa we never used. Well Jorja and I did get up on it once in a while. No sofa meant only 2 chairs, in a normal house probably not a problem but our house has 3 dogs 1 human so 2 chairs was definitely not enough we knew that and soon Deslie knew it as she seemed to get the computer chair many nights. Ever mindful of all our comforts it was away to shops and eventually come home with a nice new chair. So 3 chairs could seem still not enough but no, Jorja is a knee sitter so 3 chairs and one nearly always available knee is OK. And if the knee is for some reason not available we do have 4 dog beds to choose from but really they are last choice rest areas.

Capri Blanch

Minnie's Moments, April 2012

posted 10 Apr 2012, 02:08 by Ben Lampard

I wonder if I should be recording these tales having supposedly “retired from the pen” but what the heck and Capri said it was OK by her.

I don’t know whether to be angry, ashamed or embarrassed about my life over Christmas, bit of each I guess.

Incident 1. Deslie likes to pop over to the neighbours every now and again when we are at the cottage and when she departs she ensures, well in her mind, that Capri and myself are secure inside the cottage yard. Secure to the human mind maybe but to a Boston there is usually a gap in the defences somewhere and I know that gap and I am not telling of its location.

So off went Deslie and after a discreet wait, off I went looking for Deslie of which there was no sign, that was a worry as not seeing too good these days I am inclined to walk into things like wheelbarrows, brick walls and... I can’t mention my fate for the moment.

Suddenly in the air a human male voice called out “Deslie you had better rescue Minnie, Cookie has her bailed up”. Out of the house Deslie burst to view me in my ultimate shame and embarrassment, Cookie is a cat, and he had me with my back against the wall not daring to show my past prowess at how to deal with a stroppy cat, mainly as I could not see his exact position. Discretion does have its good and wise points.

Within in seconds Deslie was at my side and lifted me up and into the safety of her arms. Peace was restored and to Deslie’s credit not once did she mention my shame, she just commented on how wise I was to stand still in my time of danger.

Incident 2. This one has some embarrassment and some anger. Also at the cottage over Christmas we had Guideon a German Shepherd/Labrador staying with us. Guideon is a trainee Guide Dog and when on that duty is pretty good at what he does but when off duty he is a dog, a big dog.

Once again Deslie was over at neighbours and had slipped away without me realising so I was just having a wander and looking for possum smells and the like, remembering my days with Graeme and our hunting successes when in the air I could smell meat. Now I am what some may say a slow and dainty eater but I had to find where the meat smell was coming from just in case I felt like a nibble. In some ways I will regret this decision for ever.

As I rounded the corner of the cottage I walked straight into Guideon who was being a dog and enjoying a bone and in his opinion the bone was solely his and he was in no mind to let me even sniff his bone and he told me. The result was I found myself feeling a bit like Jonah being swallowed by the whale. When my freedom was granted I beat a hasty retreat inside to Deslie’s, well really our bedroom and that is where Deslie found me sitting very forlorn and a little shattered.

And my beauty had been destroyed for ever as I had a chunk out of my ear and my eyebrows had gone and my eyes were red and sore, later had to go to vet about these as they went all gooey.

But Deslie was so gentle as she picked me up tended to my wounds gave me a cuddle and popped me onto her armchair away from further dangers.

Some remark on meeting me now with my torn and tattered ear “My, Minnie you must have been a warrior in your day”. Deslie smiles and holds her silence and I in a way I am proud to be thought a warrior.

I say farewell again as I think this will be my last Moment… Bye

Minnie Blanch

Minnie's moments, December 2011

posted 17 Dec 2011, 16:03 by Ben Lampard

Deslie’s says I am a tease, bit unfair in my opinion but her reasoning…. Well I suppose I do taunt, some may say I am cruel but it is ever so enjoyable, to me any way, and really I have only being doing it since Capri joined us and I discovered her love of food.

Food for me is, well you have to eat it to live but I am not one to rush to the meal plate like Capri and gulp tea down in maybe 5 seconds. I like to ponder, sniff and think about what is on my plate then maybe go away and come back half an hour later and reconsider the offering. Yes Deslie does have to rescue my plate several times from floor and from Capri before I do eat and Deslie does mutter.

But my teasing, well mostly it’s in the morning. For breakfast we get a little chicken mince and as usual Capri gulps and that’s it, but me Oh I am much more… shall we say, lady like.

Deslie taps my foot to let me know plate is there as remember I don’t see too good these days but I don’t need sight to know Capri is standing there an inch or two from plate ready for a gap in my concentration. I sniff the plate, mmm lovely chicken mince but decide I will just leave it for moment and so turn away waiting as I know what is coming. Across room comes a “Capri, don’t touch” from Deslie.

Ah good I’ve got her so I head back to plate another sniff another ponder, another look away and another “don’t touch”. But teasing is funny only for so long so I eat breakfast ensuring there is not even one crumb left to reward Capri’s patience. Oh yes I can be a tease I suppose.

Well folks the time has come for me to say a final cheerio and hang up my pen. I have been writing about my life for 9 years and have had so much fun doing it but I have to admit at nearly 13 years old and in need of a white stick to get around, my life style has become very quiet and I do miss much of what is happening around me.

[But on second thoughts never say a final goodbye is my philosophy as it is hard to stop a good reporter while the urge is still there.]

I have been giving Capri some lessons on what’s needed for the Chit Chat and she has shown interest in taking over the pen duties. So from 2012 Minnie’s Moments will have gone and ……………..[ new title is a secret ]  will start.

And I end this last Moment with some sadness as I have lost my hunting companion Graeme who finally lost the fight with his Cushings Disease and visited the vet for the last time. Oh there were tears in the house for a few days by everyone.
I send my final Christmas wishes and hope everyone has a lovely and safe holiday season.

Good bye everyone
Minnie Blanch

Minnie's Moments, August 2011

posted 5 Aug 2011, 21:51 by Ben Lampard

I am in a state of shock I really don't know if I can write about my recent experience but will try hard as it is.

I have just spent 2 weeks sleeping in a plastic barrel in a glass house. Oh dear let me pause for a moment to calm my nerves. Yes, I can hear you say 'Rubbish, Deslie would not do that to you'. Believe me she did and the only thing that got me get through the experience was that Graeme had to suffer as well.

Did she worry about me while she went gallivanting overseas? To be honest I think she did but the end result was still life in a barrel. Deslie when asking her brother Evan to look after us assumed that our life style would continue at Evans place but that was not to be. Oh yes Evan likes dogs but to a slightly different level than Deslie and his house is not adapted to ensure we get the best of everything. No good cat flap access, beds for resting on are definitely not an option as were sofas.

Deslie leaving us was done with some skill and we were fooled. We all went to Queenstown airport with Evan driving, no suspicions here. Stop at airport, Deslie leapt out grabbed her bag slammed door gave a wave and disappeared. Odd we thought even odder when Evan drove on back to his home and quality of life disappeared, well to us.

Oh we were safe, as fences had been put up, holes blocked, we were secure or so Evan thought. Now I have poor eyesight these days but I found a gap in the defences and used it when I felt a need and even now that escape route is known only by me. I may need it again, oh dear don’t even mention "again", but I did enjoy the surprise on Evan’s face when he looked down and found me sitting beside him outside the prison.

Graeme took the approach of, if "tied" to Evans ankle where he went Graeme would go and that is basically what happened. I on other hand decided as I had been deserted I would keep myself to myself and spend most of my time following sun patches around the prison and if feeling really bad would go into the barrel.

Now about this barrel and glasshouse life. I don’t like to admit it but really it wasn’t too bad. Deslie had gone to a lot of bother with it when she realised that Evan was serious about getting a barrel and then placing it in the glasshouse. The barrel was lifted off the ground with tarps and blocks to keep the cold at bay, a 2 inch thick foam rubber pad was put into barrel then a duvet. Over barrel went about 6 blankets plus a blanket door. Dog beds were placed around glasshouse as alternate resting areas.

The first 2-3 nights Graeme spent much time working on an escape tunnel from glasshouse which had Evan filling in the tunnel each morning. Graeme gave up this plan and decided his next approach was to lie at front of barrel and be awake each morning when the glass house door was opened so he could rush out. But this plan really came to nothing so by end of the 2 weeks he was usually still asleep when door was opened. I chose rear of barrel where I could ignore the world.

Oh we were invited into the house at night to enjoy the fire but leaving this comfort was hard.

Yes Deslie came home and rushed to the glasshouse but I was not going to rush out from that barrel on her call to say great you are home. No, I took my time and let her suffer for a few minutes.


Minnie Blanch

Minnie’s Moments, March 2011

posted 25 Mar 2011, 22:04 by Ben Lampard

Boy oh boy did we impress.

Spent a few days by the beach before heading for Fun Day and Deslie was fairly busy sawing up wood for winter. Fairly boring in my opinion so none of us 4 footed ones bothered to get out of car much of time. This wood was on the property of friends of Deslie who really are not dog people and were of the strong opinion that dogs that did not earn their keep were useless and their thoughts were we were well in that category. That was till the other day…

Graeme got a bit bored so decided to go out and see how Deslie was getting on and to check out the territory which was mostly some small pine trees. I snoozed on in the car, that was till I heard the bark and that bark was action. Well as soon as I hit the dirt the magic smell was about and it meant battle.

Didn’t take us too long to find the ..have you guessed..  possum, and that possum was obviously caught by surprise for as Graeme and I hit the tree the possum hit the ground.
The noise and progress of the battle is not pleasant and we did notice Deslie disappear with disgust on her face. The property owner turned up a little while later as we suspect he did not believe Deslie’s story of our skill and determination. On Deslie’s return the comment to her with some surprise in the male voice was “vicious little devils aren’t they. I did not believe they could beat a possum without being torn to bits.” 

Deslie just smiled.

The lady of the house was over the moon at our success as to her it meant her carrots were safe from being eaten.

But Deslie does have a mean streak in her as once the possum death was confirmed and she had pulled all the fur from around our faces she put the body on a rubbish drum just 3 inches out of my reach. I tried and tried for half an hour or more to get that body but with no success and had to admit that I was not going to be able to have possum snacks ..sigh.

But hey I think Deslie’s friends are going to look at us in a different light from now on.  

Fun day is not an issue for me these days as Deslie has at last considered my feelings before hers and has retired me from all the indignities I have endured over the years. Now I am allowed to wander the grounds and supervise, something I can do quite well and when duty is done I can curl up and snooze in a quiet corner.

Age does have its advantages.

Bye Now
Minnie Blanch

Minnie's Moments, January 2011

posted 18 Jan 2011, 20:53 by Ben Lampard

Well I do wonder about humans sometimes, there is something in them that goes completely haywire when an unusual incident arises. The thing I have in mind is something called snow.

At home in Alexandra we have had 1-2 experinces of the horrible white stuff but the latest episode was 20 hours of white falling while we were down south helping Deslie with her whitebaiting. And I can tell you she needed help this year as the bucket was continually empty. 

Now this snow stuff was right down to the sea as well around cottage, that is unusual but not enough for me to get excited but Deslie, well you would think she was 6 years old again as she wanted to go outside. That's her choice but did she consider the fact where she goes I go and so does Graeme. No she definitely did not consider us in her decision.

Well she did think of us for a while I suppose, as, when we got up there was no power so that meant no heaters for our comfort so fire was quickly re stoked and brought back to life and the camp cooker came out from a dark corner and water was quickly on the boil. But then the madness stepped in as Deslie emerged from bedroom with hat and coat on and headed for gumboots. 

Oh Oh that meant problems for us, Graeme and I looked on with suspicion, admitedly neither of us had been outside for morning ablutions and there was a little urgency here for us, but if we have to hold on we can and this day we were. Once Deslie was prepared, she grabbed her picture taking thing called, um, ah, a camera and out she went and sigh so did we, hopping from one bareish patch to another if we could, pausing for ablutions and we did not waste time here I can tell you.

Graeme disappeared to under the Macracapa trees in case a Possum was seeking shelter while I followed Deslie watching her slowly turning white while I kept thinking what stupidity. Got too much for me so I found a flax bush and snuggled under its shelter and left Deslie to her madness.

You have no idea the relief to hear the “come on you lot “ call as Deslie headed down hill back to cottage and its warmth. Oh what bliss to sit in front of the fire pondering over what strange beings humans can be.

Another day of this weather episode was funny little wet stones that fell from the sky called I'm told, hail and boy they hurt as we got caught a couple of times. But between these body blast sessions Graeme and I went out to check our boundaries and there was a puzzlement that needed checking. In this white world when no one had been outside for hours and hours what had made those foot prints that went up and down hill. Investigation was vital so in and out flax and hebes to hill top we went with no answer to the mystery so worked our way down the hill checking every bush till we reached more flax near cottage and suddenly there was a flash and blow it we were not prepared for the action, really all we saw was a blur so the rabbit escaped. Come to think of it neither of us have ever caught a rabbit and hearing Deslie laugh did not help us at our lack of success.

But you know what the worst thing about this weather was... we never got a walk for 8 days and Deslie always takes us for walkies so guess conditions must have been bad.

Minnie Blanch

Minnie’s Moments

posted 26 Sep 2010, 00:31 by Ben Lampard

I am embarrassed to report this but I have been in disgrace, actually Graeme was in same situation. And all because a stupid cat jumped down from a tree in front of us.  What did you expect us to do smile and walk away.

We are hunters of 4 footed tree dwellers and when this object with a big tail landed in front of us our first thoughts were, fantastic, a possum.  Now if that furry bundle had stood its ground and given us time to see it was not a possum all may [well a weak may] have been O.K. But that cat ran.

Deslie at time was nearby sorting firewood so was at first unaware of the situation arising till 1 cat and 2 dogs flew past, the cat in a panic and we dogs with our blood up. So within seconds a human was added to the pursuit, a very noisy human but alas her screams and abuse fell on deaf ears as the chase was getting exciting, well for 2 of us anyway.

Cat made a couple of efforts to get to safety but we were too close and a quick tail grab soon put a stop to tree climbing and the result here was a fairly hectic battle going on under the trees when Deslie arrived. She literally fell through the fence landing on hands and knees and made a grab for the cat who really was coming of second best even though I have to admit I found the slashing claws not much fun and was beginning to feel some pain but pain does not stop a battle.

I sometimes wonder at Deslie as grabbing a terrified cat which I knew had big claws could be said a brave thing to do but many would say a totally stupid action but grab it she did. Sadly the cat did not realise that the grabbing was in fact safety and even I winced as I saw those very sharp teeth sink into Deslie’s thumb but did she drop or abuse that cat, not she, in fact she abused Graeme and myself but even with the cat in her arms in semi safety she was still on her knees and that meant there were tails and ears able to be captured so the battle continued though no where near as fruitful as a few seconds earlier.

I suppose from Deslie’s point of view she was happy when her brother arrived on the scene having heard the racket and was able to take the cat to higher safety in his arms while giving Graeme and myself a couple of clouts.

At this point we had to accept the cat was out of our battle zone which was now a some what bloodied area with Deslie’s thumb a bright red and having covered we 3 combatants in red.

I suppose I have to admit that later that night I was not a very happy Boston as the cat had been quite successful with a more than a couple of blows and I was very sore and in some pain though I noticed little sympathy being offered.

Later heard the cat limped for a week and Deslie’e thumb nail had a funny black mark in it which stayed there for weeks so maybe she came off the worst .

I don’t even want to mention what it is like to have ring worm and to think it was given to me by a cat [not same cat] so maybe I was being punished in some way. Not sure I should think too deeply about that.

Bye everyone
Minnie Blanch

Minnie's Moments

posted 23 Mar 2010, 03:25 by Ben Lampard

I don't like to admit it but I think Deslie outsmarted me. Out walking recently and I could smell possum in the air. So the task was where to find it and the mere fact a tree was involved was a minor matter as trees were meant to be climbed perhaps normally not by a Boston but to me if possum is to be caught nothing stops my attack. Graeme is of a similar opinion so soon the two of us were searching for that possum. Took quite a few minutes and apart from Deslie telling us to come down the things filling the air were the battle sounds of 2 dogs and 1 possum. Plus a lot of fur.

Deslie soon decided the scene before her was not to her taste and walked away telling us to come.

Well Graeme gave up once death was confirmed but my problem was my, sorry our, conquest was just lying there and I had plans to maybe have a takeaway tea so grabbed the catch and headed after Deslie who was walking briskly away. On turning and seeing my plan she quickly told me to leave the booty behind and then proceeded to pull the body. Now a Boston with a possum meal on its mind can be just as determined as a human with a drop it plan. So while she pulled I clamped my jaws firmly and no progress was made, well not by Deslie.

And here is where I think she out thought me as after the tugging session she smiled and said "OK Minnie that's fine keep your catch" and on we walked. After 5 minutes I was getting somewhat puffed what from the battle and the fact I was not breathing properly with my mouth being full so I relaxed my grip on the possum to take a good breath. At that point Deslie pounced and grabbed the possum and to my horror threw it far away into the long grass saying "got you Minnie". 

Talking about hunting had another chase awhile back. Away on my own in orchard when I spied something never seen before but that does not stop a true hunter giving chase so chase I did. Was some what taken back at the squawks and squeals but the chase was quick as after a couple of hops the pursuit suddenly stopped when the "thing" took off into the air.

Turning to watch it disappear I saw Deslie watching me from near by hill with the usual frown of disapproval.

Seems the object of my pursuit was what is called a pheasant and to be honest I was happy to loose this battle as it was ever so pretty.

I don’t even want to talk about Fun Day

Bye now

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