Welcome to The Boston Terrier Club in New Zealand. You can join us, find out where to get a Boston Terrier, and learn more about Boston Terriers.

The Boston Terrier Club Inc is affiliated to the New Zealand Kennel Club. The Boston Terrier Club Inc was founded in 1973 and became incorporated in 1995. At January 2017 club membership stood at 81 with 11 members from overseas.

Barry Colquhoun Memorial Championship Show 2016   

Held on Wednesday 28th September 2016, at the Canterbury Kennel Centre. Read more...

20th Fun Day in NZ Dog World

Read it here! (PDF, 1.4MB)

2016 South Island Fun Day

For 2016 all Boston's were asked to bring a hat that would be judged. The hats that appeared were all masterpieces of creation though possibly the Boston's did not think so. Read more...

Boston Terrier photos

View the image galleries here.

Upcoming Events

  • 21st South Island Fun Day 2017!
    February 12th 2017 Christchurch
    At the home of Theresa and Dennis Peacock, 1891 South Eyre Road Eyrewell

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